Visage Fashion Show: A showcase of the SF Bay Area’s Design Talent

Project Runway season 6 contestant Christopher Straub will be showcasing his latest collection at the Visage Fashion Show at Mighty on Saturday, June 5, 2010.  This self-taught fashion designer has a broad expertise ranging from accessories and prints to couture pieces.  The collection he will be featuring Saturday promises to bring together an innovative use of materials such as vinyl and wax coated canvas to create elegant, flattering evening wear.  According to Christopher, the inspiration of his collection is from all things found in the sky: elegant birds, billowy clouds, dazzling stars and architectural lines of skyscrapers.  He said “Blending unique materials and creating exciting textures is a passion of mine and are implements that have put this collection together.”

Christopher Straub design.

Christopher is headlining the fashion show, but the event is also featuring a talented line-up of local designers, including Cecilia Aragon, Atussa, Natacha Contreras, Lauren Hume, Kaatje Designs, Kathryn McCarron, Social Rebel Clothing, Miz B, Alison Rutherford, and My Dirty Dishes.  The team behind putting on this show with all these designers is LK Productions.  This fashion production company is a collaboration between two local SF designers, Lauren Hume and Kate Knuvelder.  With years of experience in the industry and an established network of industry professionals, they saw the need to produce fashion events that provide support to local artists and entertainers.

Christopher Straub design using vinyl.

The Visage Fashion Show event will give people the opportunity to shop some of the designers’ collections before and after the show, as well as allowing people to meet and talk with the designers about their collections.  The event will also feature artist Daryoush Bahar, who will be doing a live painting on the stage during the course of the evening.  During the fashion show DJs High Spies will be spinning tunes that they collaborated on with each of the designers in order to create a specific mood to complement the look and feel of each collections.  The show will feature the designers back-to-back with clear detailing on which designer’s collection is on the runway.  Here are details on each designer and what can be expected from their collection:

Fashion designer Cecilia Aragon produces both menswear and womenswear.  An MFA graduate from the Academy of Art University, her collection is a blend of funky, fun designs.  She terms it “punky couture.”  Additional information on Cecilia can be found at

Atussa, owned by Daryoush, is a producer of seductively, sexy urban apparel.  The inspiration from this collection comes from the perspective of clothing as art, with each person wearing the items becoming a living canvas of artistic expression.  More details on Atussa can be found at

SF designer Natacha Contreras is a graduate of the California College of Arts.  Her collection is inspired by music and dark, edgy themes.  According to Natacha, “My collection is inspired my themes in the genre of music Black Metal, such as, isolation, nature, and just the over all eerie feel of the music.  I like making the look edgy but still high end by mixing materials such as leather and silk.”  She has worked closely with various music bands so expect an exciting collection with stage presence.

Fashion designer Lauren Hume, who is one of the producers of the Visage Fashion Show, describes her collection as “Directional.  An edgy echo of classic silhouettes.”  She uses fabrics like taffeta, fine silks and wools to enhance the shape of the body in a classy and sexy way without having to be to overly revealing to create the same effect.

Kaatje Designs necklace.

Kate Knuvelder is also one of the producers of the fashion show and the designer of Kaatje Designs.  In order to make an impact on the runway, Kate decided to create a line that really makes a huge statement. Her bold collection started from an idea that she had when making a necklace out of aluminum can tabs.   This inspired a collection a medieval knights influence.   According to Kate, “I feel as a designer you have to make a statement and be bold and not be afraid to stand out”.  Additional details on Kate’s collection can be found at

Kathryn McCarron is a knitwear designer who first debuted at NY Fashion Week with her Spring/Summer 2008 collection.  She then went to to work and design sweaters for Badgley Mischka, Ann Taylor and Norma Kamali.  Since moving back to SF, she has worked on her own line and will be premiering it at the Visage Fashion Show.  Her collection will have an urban, streetwear feel inspired by a recent trip she took to Stockholm where the people dressed youthful, hip and a bit androgynous.

Social Rebel designs.

Social Rebel was founded by Yana Galbshtein in 2009.  Yana’s vision is to look into what life is (authentic, untamed, exploited, as is) and inspire to create looks of such.  Being involved in underground music scenes, counter culture, film and other forms of creative expression, Social Rebel collaborates to bring fashion and other talent together.  According to Yana, “We rebel against the mundane wardrobe, slash dress codes and introduce styles we want you to personalize.”  Find out more details at

Necklace from the Miz B collection.

Miz B is a jewelry design collection by Leila Radan featuring unique sterling pieces and handmade semi-precious stone pieces.  Inspired by her daily interactions with fashion with her multicultural and ethnically diverse background, she creates pieces as they come to her.  The end product is a personal piece of jewelry that has a meaningful design connection to its wearer.   Expect to see elegant jewelry pieces enhancing the apparel collection on the runway.  To view her full line, visit her website at

RED Haute Jewlery.

Alison Rutherfurd is the designer behind the jewelry line RED Haute Jewelry.  With a background in architecture, interior design and art history with over ten years of experience in jewelry design, Alison combines her natural instinct and formal training to create unique elegant jewelry.   Her inspiration comes from nature and her travels throughout the world, as well as her appreciation for visual texture. This influence is infused throughout her work with color, balance and proportion.  Expect to see classic pieces with whimsical characteristics.  More details on her collection can be found at

My Dirty Dishes feather bra.

Rebecca Roman is the designer of apparel brand My Dirty Dishes.  According to Rebecca, “I was brought up in a house of seven women, thirty-six Barbie dolls and an eternal subscription to Vogue, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Bazaar Magazine. It was impossible for me not to develop an obsession with fashion and the female alter ego.”  Her design style is loose, lively and expressive.  She loves bright, vibrant colors which will be evident in her latest collection of sexy feather bras and Mamacita hotpants.  Additional information on her collection can be found at

The Visage Fashion Show event will be an entertaining evening of fashion, art, and music.  Not only will people have a chance to see the latest collections of each of these designers, but they’ll have the opportunity to meet them and discover the creative force and passion behind their designs.

The Visage Fashion Show will be taking place on Saturday, June 5, 2010 at Mighty, 119 Utah Street, in San Francisco.  Doors open at 8:00 PM and the fashion show starts at 10:00 PM.  Tickets are $25 in advance (limited pre-sale) and $30 at the door.  Additional information can be found at the LK Productions website,

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