Trend Alert: Platinum Dirt’s Engineered Leather Denim Jeans

Dustin Page wearing a leather VIN Jacket.
SF Bay Area fashion designer Dustin Page is a genius.  His Platinum Dirt collection has innovated the use of leather from car seats of vintage luxury cars to produce one-of-a-kind motorcycle jackets and accessories.  Not only is his collection eco-friendly, but it’s as classy as the cars he gets his material from: the Cadillacs, Lincolns, Jaguars, etc.  Car seat leather is very durable compared to most leather qualities used for garments and it has a natural distressed look from years of usage.  Each item he produces is identified through the car’s VIN, giving new life to the abandoned cars he sources his materials from and providing a unique story to every piece.

San Francisco being a denim mecca with Levi’s and Gap headquartered here, it only makes sense that he introduces denim into his collection.  His latest development is going to be the next best trend with worn out denim jeans.  He’s upgrading the style and sticker value of old denim jeans by rebuilding them with vintage car leather panels.  Dustin claims that you can “get another 100,000 miles out of your favorite jeans” by giving them this new style detailing.  He takes out the front panel of jeans, areas that get heavily abraded through wear and washing, and engineers them with the durable leather from vintage autos.  
Engineered jeans on the designer work table.
His inspiration for this new denim design came from his own pair of worn out jeans that he didn’t want to part with.  He had car leather in his studio and put the two-and-two together to form his latest creation.  His first jean design went to a friend Kristina Hillman.  Her jeans were reconstructed with a pair of 1975 Mercedes Benz blue leather.  Kristina said “My Platinum Dirt panel jeans kept all the comfort of my favorite old jeans, while adding a bit of someone else’s history.  Its familiarity and mystery all in one.  And they feel great!” 
The leather panels are pieced specifically to the wearer’s jeans.
The Platinum Dirt jeans can be worn casually during the day and easily dressed up for the evening.  Because each leather piece is as unique as the car it came from, it gives the wearer an individual look and a classic, yet edgy fashion statement.   Contact Platinum Dirt for additional details on how you can get your own custom-made engineered leather jeans and be one of the first people to wear this hot new trend!

Platinum Dirt is based out of Oakland.  It costs $25 per leather panel sewn into a pair of jeans sent to Platinum Dirt.  Platinum Dirt does not provide the denim jeans.  Their website is and inquiries on the engineered denim jeans can be sent to
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