To blog or not to blog

I receive the 7×7 magazine weekly email updates. This week, they listed a group of fashion forward bloggers from San Francisco. I love anything dealing with fashion, so I decided to check out their blogs. I was not impressed. Sure, it’s easy to appoint oneself as a fashion expert, but nothing is more boring than someone who talks about themselves and how stylish they are.

I think it’s more exciting to find out who is stylish within San Francisco and explore them myself. I’m one of those people who thinks they raise the bar on style within San Francisco. Instead of showcasing one person’s perspective on fashion and lifestyle events, this blog is going to profile a variety of fashionable people and events within San Francisco.
Who will I write about? I have about 12 years of work experience within the fashion industry, here in SF and know a lot of people who inspire style and fashion. I am also great at spotting a person with style and have no whims about talking to them. Stay tuned for my first fashionista interviewee, who I’m meeting up with for lunch tomorrow in the Mission. The first fashionable event to be written about will be the SF Asian Film Festival opening Gala this Thursday.
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