THE KI Smart Living Experience

On San Francisco’s historic and proposed self-sufficient Treasure Island, THE KI (key) will launch with an innovative, smart-living experiential lifestyle event on Oct. 22-24, 2010.  Attractions will range from clean tech cars, electric motorcycles, eco fashions, home designs, appliances and furnishings, to modern, inspirational films, health and wellness, new technologies and smart-living solutions.  Co-creators of THE KI experience include Nissan, Whirlpool brand, Zero Motorcycles, Brammo, Zem Joaquin and, Demeter, RED Interactive Agency, Coulomb Technologies, Solio, Cowhorn, Organic Nation, DewPointe, Green Gorilla Media, and more.

THE KI embraces the smart-living lifestyle of innovation, creativity, technology and sustainability. Established as a platform to present the latest in advanced thinking and smart-living, THE KI will join some of the world’s most innovative brands, designers, thinkers, leaders and influencers to share the future of better living.

During the three day event, THE KI will feature the all-new 100% electric Nissan LEAF, a Zero Motorcycle test ride track, Brammoelectric motorcycles, Nissan Altima Hybrid test drives (presented by North Bay Nissan), live eco fashions by renowned designer Bahar Shahpar, Whirlpool brand high-efficiency laundry pair, the 105degrees pop-up restaurant with organic living cuisine chef Matthew Kenney, Kenneth Cobonpue eco lounge, outdoor living with MAMAGREEN, art, live music, entertainment, and a host of THE KI exclusive activities.

“THE KI is a new and exciting approach to experiencing smart-living brands and future technologies for yourself,” said THE KI CEO and Co-Founder Jerry Jensen.  “We’re presenting revolutionary clean tech vehicles, energy solutions, innovative technologies and better living foods, wines and fashions in a fun and interactive manner.  THE KI is a great way to connect with the people, as well as the brands, that are shaping our world for the better.”

From tastings to test rides, a few thousand fortunate guests will have the unprecedented opportunity to completely immerse themselves in a new world committed to an inspirational, smart-living lifestyle.  On-site attendance will be limited to ensure an enjoyable, immersive experience for all guests.  Tickets are available on on a first-come, first-served basis.  

THE KI is an exciting glimpse into the world of Premium Smart Living.  

For more information on THE KI, visit their website at
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