The Chic Guide to San Francisco Style

Photos by Evan Hiltunen of Neolux Studios.
In San Francisco, a stylish woman knows how to be resourceful to look good.  There’s that tailor you discovered who is hidden away in an alley in Chinatown that does expert alterations for a fraction of the cost of similar shops in the Financial District, there’s your favorite make-up artist that you’ll pay a visit to before a big event so you can look glowingly flawless, and there’s Crave, a lifestyle guide to the top women owned boutiques, spas, cafes, stylists and more within San Francisco.  The first two can be kept a secret, but Crave is a book that every woman should have as a fashion resource to San Francisco’s stylish businesses and top women entrepreneurs.  The book will connect you with more than 220 extraordinary service professionals and boutique retailers, in a way that is unique and informative.  The writers of Crave not only put special attention into scouring the city for businesses, but they also took the time to interview the women who made those businesses succeed.  
The founder of Crave, Melody Biringer, in creating the guidebook said, “My inspiration for creating the CRAVE books came out of throwing CRAVE parties in several cities and discovering there was a need to promote small businesses in each community.  There are a ton of guidebooks, but none celebrating women owned businesses.  Our books inspire you to go on vacation in your own city, get into neighborhoods and support local businesses.”

Here is an excerpt from the book for the fashion boutique Miranda Caroligne and the designer collective Haight store Trunk:
“Inspiring.  Playful.  Conscious.  Miranda Caroligne is a a cozy nook in the thriving NW Mission, where you’ll find the designer sewing happily in the window.  She makes a statement on diminishing waste by creating new designs from salvaged textiles and sharing this in her book, Reconstructing Clothes for Dummies.  
Unique.  Sustainable.  Independent.  Meet the artists of Trunk at this cooperative boutique, featuring an eclectic assortment of clothing, jewelry, accessories, artwork, and gifts.  
Who are your most popular products or services?
Miranda Caroligne: custom, reconstructed clothing from your own closet!
Trunk: one-of-a-kind creations by our co-op members.
People may be surprised to know..
I alter everything to fit for free!
What was the inspiration behind starting your business?
To be a catalyst for individual self-expression, and to re-evaluate the meaning of “value.”
Where is your favorite place to go with girlfriends?
Wherever there’s good food, nice people, and inspiring art.
What is the best gym or fitness club?
With the hills of San Francisco, who needs a gym?!”
Each listing is further detailed by beautiful photography that effectively illustrates the business.  Plus there’s a directory in the back of the book of businesses that are offering special discounts at their store.  As you flip through Crave, you will feel like you’re adventuring through the different neighborhoods of the city and stumbling upon hidden gems that could possibly become your favorites.  Let Crave be your style map that will guide you to the best that San Francisco has to offer.
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