SWATI Couture headlines Chic Fashion Week

SWATI Couture at Charity Fashion Show.  Photo by Ralph Nguyen.

Elegant.  Well-tailored.  Luxurious.  SWATI Couture is a Bay Area based Indian Fusion Fashion House specializing in styles of a classic Indian and Bollywood influence that are modern and traditional.   Founded by Swati Kapoor, a local San Francisco Academy of Art University graduate who has started this line eight years ago and has made an international impact through her collection.  The collection uses luxurious fabrics, intricate artistry, beadwork, custom fitting and embroidery that celebrate the richness of Indian fashion.  Each piece is treated as a work of art, using richness of Indian textiles, colors, unparalleled workmanship and intricate embroidery.  For these inspired fashions, Swati has collaborated with Bollywood fashions award-winning couturier Reza Shariffi designs in producing an exclusive collection only available through SWATI Studio.  What sets SWATI Couture apart is that it has been able to celebrate the heritage of Indian Americans through inspirational pieces that are appropriate for the stylish, modern woman.
It is an well deserved honor that SWATI Couture will be headlining the main fashion show for San Francisco Chic Fashion Week on Saturday, August 7th, 2010.  We had the opportunity to ask Swati several questions about her collection she will be showcasing on the runway for today’s event:
Swati adjusting a garment on a model for Chic Fashion Week.
Michele:  How does it feel to be headlining the main fashion show on Saturday?
Swati:  Thrilled, excited, humbled to be the one to showcase and make this place for Indian origin fashions in the Bay Area.  May I also add a bit nervous.  Mario (organizer of Chic Fashion week) has put me in the spotlight and I don’t want to let him down.  A friend of mine said to me that he predicts I will create my Mona Lisa this year…is this going to be the one?

Michele:  What is the concept and inspiration of your collection?
Swati:  A total of 17 outfits, hundreds of hours of work, countless embellishments hand embroidered, art of several skilled workers, designed by Reza Shariffi for SWATI, the muse the inspiration is the SWATI Goddess, the San Francisco urban chic lifestyle, the color choice of black with the SWATI touch of gold and silver and sparkle. Formal wear that is sensuous, practical and glamorous and I hope everyone can relate to.  You will see a lot of versatility in the styles:  The one and only sari to be seen in a San Francisco Fashion week, pants ensembles,an Indian style churidaar, short dresses and gowns, corset and skirts. Each one is one of a kind with matching jewels.  Some pieces like precious jewels on loan from esteemed customers private collections, some you have seen before, and a new collection all put together to make this an effective visual display.
Sneak peek at one of the SWATI Couture items in Chic Fashion Week.
Michele:  What is behind the color story of the collection?
Swati:  Over a discussion with my business manager we concluded that black should be the one to be shown at Chic Fashion Week and it was the color for my fall collection of dresses.  Hence began the work of putting together the collection and finishing up the new pieces before the show.

Michele:  What is your favorite item in your collection?
Swati:  You are asking me a very difficult question each piece is a part of my heart.  But the new black one shoulder dress with black and pewter embellishments is a knock out.  If I don’t eat it up before the show you will get to see it.

Michele:  What is the best part of your job? and what keeps you motivated?
Swati:  Oh gosh, you have no idea how many WONDERFUL people I get to meet who enrich my life.  Their expression when my garment hits the spot and makes someone feel good is a priceless moment for me.  I live for it over and over again.  The beauty of this art that surrounds me keeps me on a constant high that I want to share and spread.  I live, eat, sleep my clothing and my passion only increases by the day.  There is something I am to do that no one can do and till I have really made a difference I won’t rest.
Beautiful strap detailing on a SWATI Couture gown for Chic Fashion Week.
The SWATI Couture collection can be seen at the SF Chic Fashion Week event tonight at the San Francisco Design Center, 101 Henry Adams Street.  VIP tickets are $75 and General Admission is $40.  The VIP Gala is from 5:30 to 7:30 PM and the General Admission starts after 6:30 PM.  The fashion show begins at 8:00 PM.

Additional information and purchasing details on SWATI Couture can be found at www.swati.us.
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