Saturday Style Blog: My Coachella Outfit


One of my favorite outfits is this ensemble designed by local San Francisco fashion designer Alexandria von Brommsen. This picture was taken about a year ago by photographer Ken Shames and the outfit reminds me of something that would stand out at Coachella or in the streets of San Francisco. I’m actually wearing the shirt backwards because I liked how the slit placement looked at the base of my neck and collarbone (always fun to experiment with clothing placement).

The hat is a woven straw cap, embellished with feathers, gems and beads.
The shirt is a silk cotton blend (which I found can can be worn reversible).
The shorts are leather mixed material.
Not shown, but the outfit looks great with black ankle boots. This boot below from Dolce Vita is one of my latest favorite buys.

DV BY DOLCE VITA Dv yazmina chain bootie

I highly recommend contacting Alexandria von Brommsen if you want an edgy take on classic silhouettes!

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