Passing Time with TOKYObay and Laura Ellner of OnTheRacks

Laura Ellner in TOKYObay workwear styling.

TOKYObay, a San Francisco based fashion accessories brand in its 20th year has teamed up with noted fashion blogger Laura Ellner of to show off the brand’s main line and choose her favorite 2012 watch and bag accessories for a fashion photograph and video editorial.  Shot in an old canning factory in the industrial area of SOMA in San Francisco, the photographs feature TOKYObay accessories styled by Laura with clothes from her own wardrobe.  With the sparse concrete storehouse as the backdrop, the fashionable looks of Laura Ellner and TOKYObay stood out.

TOKYObay and Laura filmed a two part video “Passing Time”, which features Laura as a stylist and model wearing key pieces from the TOKYObay watch and bag line.  The first part launched in February and the second part will launch in April 2012.  Laura wore items from her wardrobe that compliment each piece from the TOKYObay collection, giving a wearable and individual take on the brands retro inspired watch and bag line.

The video not only captures the varied emotions and moods of passing time and the casual, urban style of Laura, but the TOKYObay designs are beautifully showcased, exhibiting range in design and product offerings.  One would have to see the TOKYObay website for the full collection of accessories; for example, the women’s watch styles alone have over 200 style and color options.  However, the video nicely captures a few of the popular styles that are a great compliment to every woman’s wardrobe.

Boyfriend chic!  Laura Ellner wearing Dopio wrap watches.

The trends represented in the first winter 2012 video that just launched includes “women’s ‘boyfriend’ styles” and “sophisticated day and evening workwear.”  TOKYObay watches are the perfect addition to the slouchy, yet sexy look of the men’s “boyfriend” look with the styling of the leather band watches and nostalgic pocket time pieces.  The sophisticated workwear sequence shows how the wrap watches adds a sassy elegance to modern day professionalism.

Laura Ellner and TOKYObay workwear look.

The upcoming April video will include Laura’s take on the seventies and color-blocking trends. 

When asked about the advertising campaign with TOKYObay, Laura commented “I got to pick and choose from dozens of amazing accessories and work them into different outfits – pretty much like a kid in a candy store.  The Dopio wrap watch just so happens to be my favorite piece from their block collection.  Looks pretty rad when paired up with bangles and such.  It was such an awesome day spent playing dress up in a cool grungy warehouse in SOMA.  And now I’m excited to share this behind the scenes video!”

TOKYObay Dopio collection.

TOKYObay Holmes pocket watch.
What sets Laura Ellner apart from most fashion bloggers is her refreshing personality and individuality that comes through in her writing and photographs, making it a fun and motivating experience for her audience to enjoy and explore their own style.  This also comes across in the TOKYObay videos.  The TOKYObay video shows that the watches can be playfully adapted to anyone’s personal style and creativity.  This is what makes passing time with TOKYObay fashion enjoyable and fun.

The collection of watches and bags are available at selected retailers nationwide and online at

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