Music inspired Fashion: a collaboration with Taiwanese pop star Jolin Tsai

Jolin with models wearing her Fall 2010 collection.

Ken Erman, the CEO and Founder of fashion company Truth + Pride, has been the driving force behind some of the most unique and critically acclaimed apparel brands in the fashion industry.  Producing stylish clothing while establishing a link between fashion and music defines the identity Ken has carved out in the fashion market.  As President and co-founder of L.A.M.B. fashion collection from 2003 to 2009, he had a pivotal role in creating one of the most contemporary clothing lines with superstar Gwen Stefani.  

Today, his New York-based Truth+Pride continues to evolve and expand their global reach through his latest collaboration.  He has partnered with Taiwanese fashionista and Mandopop star Jolin Tsai to develop a new brand of apparel, Seventy Two Changes. This is an eclectic mingling of edgy street wear and club-ready pieces, designed and inspired by the star’s own distinctive signature style.  Since the collection’s launch in February 2009, Seventy Two Changes has developed a loyal base for it’s trendsetting designs.  The Seventy Two Changes Summer 2010 has launched into select stores, including Nordstrom’s Westfield San Francisco Centre and Walnut Creek Nordstrom’s Broadway Plaza.  
Jolin present her collection to buyers and press.
Ken Erman grew up being a music lover, of all genres.  His initial idea to fuse music with fashion came from his desire to combine his lifelong passion with his solid background in fashion.  Ken grew up around fashion.  His family owns a large apparel company based out of Pennsylvania called Notations, where Ken built his foundation within the industry.  There, he spent 12 years cultivating an in-deph knowledge of the apparel business.  He also travelled extensively throughout Asia for business and had the opportunity to build relationships and further develop his knowledge of fashion.  Because of the investment of time learning the fashion industry and his ultimate love for the music business, he started thinking of a way to combine the two worlds, resulting in his collaboration with Gwen Stefani and the creation of L.A.M.B in 2003.  

After working with an American music-inspired collection for many years, he was interested in reaching out to women on a global scale, particularly in the fast-growing Asian market.  This was also the perfect timing for Jolin, who had been looking for an opportunity to challenge herself though fashion design and bring her creativity to the next level.  Ken Erman and Truth + Pride President Brenda Lin met with Jolin in Taiwan and the chemistry was right – they shared the same creative vision and Seventy Two Changes was born.
Jolin with models wearing her Fall 2010 collection.

When asked about the type of fashion and style impact that he and Jolin wants to make on the American market, Ken replied “By fusing Jolin’s Mandopop style with Truth + Pride’s SoHo chic, we are able to give Jolin a downtown street edge for the Asian market, while simultaneously introducing the western market to Mandopop style.  In this way, Seventy Two Changes is able to mingle the two cultures to create a great product that speaks to a diverse range of customers.  For future collections, Seventy Two Changes will continue to explore both cultures with Jolin’s dance and music as a constant inspiration.”

The Pomey jacket.

According to Jolin and Ken, the item every woman should have from the collection is “Our french terry “Pomey Jacket.” It’s the perfect layering piece for spring.  It’s laid back but tailored for a structured look, while the raw edges and metal hardware lend an edgy finish.”

Online comments of the Pomey jacket include “Wore this jacket and not only did I fall in love with it, but I received compliments galore.  Casual comfort with an edge.”  Another person commented “The fleece makes this a very comfortable jacket.  Seaming in the back is very slimming.”

This collaboration between Jolin and Truth + Pride has proven to be a highly successful fusion of eastern and western culture, and a first of its kind.  Jolin has been the first Asian superstar to effectively partner with a US fashion company, creating fresh and wearable designs that appeal to customers globally.
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