LoveSick5 Runway Recap

Fashion designer Alexandria von Bromssen hosted her fifth annual LoveSick runway fashion show in San Francisco last month, showcasing the Spring/Summer 2012 collections of ten designers from the Bay Area.  The looks on the runway ranged from casual street wear and colorful party dresses to elegant accessories and chic eveningwear.  Highlights include the feathered earrings from Velvet & Horns, Miranda Caroligne’s deconstructed dresses, the stunning headpiece designs by Jasmin Zorlu and the sheer detailing that can be found in most of the designers’ collections.  Proceeds from the event benefited the Race for the Cure Foundation and the Hastings Prison Outreach Program

Images of the collections, in order of runway appearance are as follows:

LoveSick5 host and San Francisco fashion scene icon Thom Scher.  Photo by Shaun Tiangsing.

Velvet & Horns

Models at LoveSick5 wearing Velvet & Horns

Velvet & Horns’ love for vintage and organic materials is evident in their collection of relaxed crushed velvet lounge pants and nature inspired accessories.  The velvet pants, “Bells” come in four different colors of crushed velvet and were designed to be flattering and comfortable.  Delicate feather earrings are detailed with semi-precious stones, natural crystals, horns and other natural materials, unique qualities separating it from other designers’ feather earring collections.  It’s an overall very comfortable, streetwear friendly look.

Miranda Caroligne

Miranda Caroligne design.  Photo by Shaun Tiangsing.

Miranda Caroligne is known for her reconstructing existing clothing and revamping them into something more fashionable and unique.  Her items showcased at LoveSick5 exhibit softly draping fabrics with unique construction lines and decorative pintuck stitched designs.  The dresses look great on their own or would look fabulous paired with a fitted skirt or pair of jeans.

Bradley Douglas Jordan

Bradley Douglas Jordan showcased a collection of ready-to-wear menswear and womenswear.  The classic casual style of tops, bottoms and outerwear are designed with a trendy twist.  Decorative design details include contrast placket and lining, faux-fur trim and innovative closures.

Danielle Pettee

Danielle Pettee, known as Danielle the Dressmaker, presented a collection of colorful party dresses of pretty pastels of the spring season.

Jasmin Zorlu

Révolution Française Hat
Crinoline with black horsehair tubing and two turkey feathers on a white lace base.  Photo by Ken Shames.

Jasmin Zorlu’s collections of headpieces are artistic creations for the fashion forward.  The collection comes in an array of materials and designs that are perfect to complement one’s wardrobe and to make a fashion statement with little effort.  Perfect to top off the LBD.

Benzo Couture

Benzo Couture design.  Photo by Ken Shames.

Benzo Couture is a contemporary couture clothing brand with a collection of edgy tops, jackets, dresses and leggings.  Favorites of this collection include the embellished tops and cutout leggings.

Tamo Design

Tamo Design blouse.  Photo by Shaun Tiangsing.

Tamo Design’s collection brings out the stylish playfulness of daytime to evening wear.  The colorful flowing skirts are perfect for spring.  Tamo Design brought out a sexy side of the collection for the ‘lingerie’ aspect of the evening with sheer lace dresses and silk tops.

Kathleen van der Spek

Design by Kathleen van der Spek.  Photo by Ken Shames.

Kathleen van der Spek’s collection of light weight knits is perfect for spring and summer.  Special attention is on the design details, such as the burnout stripes, creating a sexy twist on a basic seasonal look.

Josie Adele Jewelry

Jewelry by Josie Adele.  Photo by Shaun Tiangsing,

Jewelry designer Josie Adele handcrafts pieces out of recycled sterling silver and copper, adorned with natural stones and up-cycled materials to create handmade, one-of-a-kind designs.

Alexandria von Bromssen

AVB design.  Photo by Shaun Tiangsing.

Alexandria von Bromssen’s latest collection falls into step with the dark and edgy fashion she is known for.  She developed a line featuring lingerie, which showcases a range in fabrications, prints and construction.  Highlights of the collection include the sheer tops, deconstructed jackets and 50’s retro lingerie sets.

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