Glamming It Up In A Factory: A Fashion Photo Shoot

When people think of a factory, they think industrial, assembly lines, and heavy machinery.  Fashion designer Danielle Pettee recently used this as inspiration in a photo shoot backdrop to showcase her designs.  Danielle collaborated with photographer Jon Bauer to produce a fashion photo shoot of her summer 2010 collection of dresses and rompers.  According to Jon, “Danielle is a fantastic collaborator on many shoots we’ve done together.  We usually take an idea and then expand on it until something interesting comes out.  In the case of the sewing factory, it was Danielle’s concept.”

According to Danielle, “I wanted to shoot in the sewing factory because it was ironic.  I thought I could tell a cute story of how the garment gets made and comes to life.  The inspiration of the shoot came from working so much and feeling like I am my own one-woman factory.”

Danielle chose a local downtown SF factory and worked with Jon Bauer on the setup, while Josh Norem assisted with lighting.  They were able to use different areas of the factory from the sewing line to the packaging area.  While they were getting the areas of the factory ready for the shoot, Rykk Martinez did the makeup for the models, going for a soft smokey eye, with bright highlights and strong blush effect.  Leila Radan completed the looks by contributing jewelry from her collection Miz B by Leila Radan.  

Jon stated “Shooting in the factory was interesting in that there were several people working while we were there shooting.  The owner was there also and gave us carte blanche, but I don’t think all of the workers and managers got that memo!  We had to be very careful not to step on any toes while we were shooting.  Once we made it clear that we would be respectful of their space, they gave us lots of latitude to do our work.”

Here are some images from the Danielle Pettee and Miz B by Leila Radan fashion photo shoot at the factory:
Strapless vintage tan-colored cotton jumper with hand-cut brown leather detailing at the chest.  Decorative vintage gold buttons are placed at either side of the leg opening and at the chest area.  
Jumper made out of vintage upholstery cotton with contrast lace detailing at the chest area and leg openings.  The Miz B by Leila Radan necklace is “Lick Ma Bliss.”  According to Leila Radan, “it’s a very in demand piece and it cracks me up because most women, as soon as they set their sights on it, just grab it.  Danielle loved the piece and so on model Shannon it went.”  Since the background was dark and flat, color-wise, they wanted the colors to pop and this piece paired with Danielle’s romper accomplished that and then some.
The tan and leather jumper was paired with the “Amor Tribal” choker.  It has wood and carved resinated wood in it so the brown tones match the romper and the colors add an extra pop to the neutral tones of the romper.  Leila then paired the 5 strand necklace, “Coral Embrace” with it and had Danielle wear it as a multi-strand bracelet because it complemented the large coral stones in “Amor Tribal”.  
Danielle opted for rings instead of earrings and so went with “Amber” because of it’s color and pop!
Purple vintage cotton linen blend jumper with lace detailing and straps that tie for a universal fit.  It has a turquoise lace trim that runs along the waist.  The turquoise color of the lace matches the turquoise lines than run along the maroon fabric, which in turns matches the raw turquoise jewelry pieces pictured here perfectly.  
Leila used “Love Hurts” choker and “Blue” bracelet, with the romper.  A match made in heaven!  “Love Hurts” has a unique look and edge in contrast with the romper.  It’s feminine and has two bows in the back and it also was a favorite of the ladies at the photo shoot.  
This silver romper is made out of a soft matte satin cotton blend and leather straps.  It’s embellished with pearl stud detailing along the neckline and pocket area.  The romper is perfectly paired with Miz B by Leila Radan’s “Pearl”, a long necklace doubled up into a double strand long choker, and “Pearlitas”, a long 6 strand necklace which was doubled up into a 12-strand shorter piece.  The pairing of “Pearl” and “Perlitas” made for more solidity to the look Leila wanted, to make sure that it popped in the pictures and accentuated the faux pearl detailing of Danielle’s romper.  
“City Wilma”, a long mother-of-pearl necklace, is worn as a multi-strand bracelet.  This adds to the glam element of the romper, in turn making the necklace pop, which in turn accentuates the whole look and style of the romper.
Classic fitted satin-poly blend summer dress that is hand painted and decorated with flower beaded detailing.  The purple and faux pearl detailing had Leila Radan choosing “Cascade” necklace.  It is made of different colored mother-of-pearl pieces and the purpler and the white matched the dress perfectly.  
“City Wilma” necklace was used as a multi-strand bracelet because it matched both the white mother-of-pearl pieces in “Cascade” perfectly as well as the faux pearl detailing of Danielle’s dress.  
Linen cotton blend dress, hand painted and decorated with flower beading.  Classic cut, heart shaped top that spins all the way out when dancing.  This dress was paired with “Lolita” because of the richness of it’s ruby lite stones and the multi-colored aspects to its dark-hued red tone color splashes.

With the factory photo shoot turning out to be beautiful collaboration between Danielle Pettee, Jon Bauer, Josh Norem, Leila Radan and Rykk Martinez, it’s expected that the fall season will bring out additional creativity as they showcase the new fall looks.

All photography done by Jon Bauer.  More of his works can be seen at  Additional information on Danielle Pettee can be found at  Information on Miz B by Leila Radan can be found at
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