Get Inspired Tomorrow at The Walking Exhibition Fashion Show

Design by Daniel Sudar
The Walking Exhibition Fashion Show is happening tomorrow, May 1, 2010, at Solarium, 55 Second Street in San Francisco.  This event will be featuring five emerging local designers who have been selected by the non-profit YouLiveAndYouLearn.Org to showcase their works.  The non-profit focuses on developing designers by mentoring them and helping them with the resources to produce a runway show.  This year’s fabulous designer architects include Aileen Marie Quiambao of Ai & Ai, Daniel Sudar of Driven, Lauryn Varnum of Antinea, Amanda Christine of Aji, and Katie Struve of KatoreySwim.  Each of the collections promise to provide something unique and exciting.  Here are details about each designer and what inspired the concept of their collection.
Aileen Quiambao is a Bay Area based designer coming into her own prominence.  Her collection is extrinsically inspired by her environment, specifically the elements of the natural world in the midst of the urban inner city.  She is also inspired by the developmental growth and regal beauty of her daughter, Aijhanaya Irie.  Quiambao’s designs capture the resiliency of innocence, the adorableness of Aijhanaya’s transition from adolescence and her own inspirational personal encounters in every day life.  To see her version of delicate women’s wear and accessories, visit her website at
Daniel Sudar is a San Francisco based premium menswear label designer who will be launching his new collection for women.  He loves to explore the thrill of new and avant-garde fashion.  His talent can be seen in the classic styles he produces, with intricate and innovative detailing.  Sudar’s inspiration for the collection he will be showcasing, DRIVEN, comes from his personal experience of being a well-established chef, photographer and jewelry designer.  His collection is influenced by many of the angles he sees in life, such as kitchen utensils, the shape and color of ingredients that he uses in cooking and the beautiful lines seen in each piece of his metal crafted jewelry collection.  This collection will showcase a range of both men’s and women’s casual and formal wears.  Some of his previous works can be seen at
Suit design by Daniel Sudar

Lauryn Varnum is a Bay Area designer with an expertise in dress-making.  Her collection “Antinea” is a line that was created with a new approach to evening wear.  Inspired by the work of French designer Paul Poiret, this collection is dramatic, yet whimsical.  Filled with bold colors, eye-catching prints and luxurious fabrics, Antinea is for a woman who is unafraid to take risks.  Every day is a special occasion and even the separates within the collection will inspire women to dress up.

Amanda Christine, a San Francisco native designer, specializes in women, men and children clothing.  Her gift for designing began at the age of five, but she has recently launched her own clothing line “Aji by Amanda Christine.”  Aji was taken from the first three letters of her last name, Ajisebutu, which is derived from her Nigerian culture.  Christine draws inspiration from her African heritage, music, contemporary art, nature and life.  In this collection, Amanda Christine’s appreciation for colors and textures are boldly expressed in every detail.  She believes that, “art imitates life, life imitates art.”  Expect the unexpected with her collection.
Katie Struve is a Bay Area designer, specializing in designer fashion swimwear.  Her new Eco-friendly bikini line was inspired by her daughter.  Struve wanted to create a line that was not only beautiful, but also helps our environment at the same time.  She wants her daughter to be able to enjoy this Earth and all that it has to offer, the way we all have been able to experience it.  People are finally becoming aware of the damages being caused by land fills, as well as all of the toxins being released into our atmosphere due to hazardous chemicals.  For once in the fashion industry, the new “Eco” trend is in fact, not a trend, but a new lifestyle.  There are many things designers can do to be Eco-friendly, like using natural rubbers or recycled garment tags.  Even those small little changes can make a world of difference.  Struve’s “Katorey Bikini” collection promises to be simply beautiful and healing for our environment.
The Walking Exhibition Fashion Show promises to be a wonderful evening of fashion, entertainment and inspiration.  For additional details on the event, purchasing tickets and the non-profit YouLiveAndYouLearn.Org, visit their website at
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