Fashion Recap: SF Asian Film Festival Opening Gala

“Today’s Special”, a foodie romantic comedy, was a fantastic opening movie for the SF Asian Film Festival on Thursday, March 11, 2010.  At the event, Director David Kaplan said the subtle message behind the movie is that “today is special”.  It was definitely a special movie and a special treat to have the director and actors of the movie at the event for a question and answer panel after the movie.  However, the search for fashionable people at the Gala afterwards proved to be not so special.

I was scouting out the interesting fashion trends and styles for the event, but unfortunately did not find too many interesting looks.  Here are some pictures of the event, which are representative of the typical dress for the evening:

Regardless, I did find fashionable style.  My favorite looks for the evening came from the actual actors of the movie that were in attendance at the event.

The handsome lead actor, The Daily Show’s Aasif Mandvi, wore an attractive, all black suit that worked perfectly for the evening. (second from the left)

Madhur Jaffrey, actress and famous Indian cookbook writer, (third from the right) looked elegant in a traditional Indian dress.  I found the pink color of the dress to be eye-popping, modern and unique.  

A fashion treat were the styles worn by the Bhangra dancers.  Their colorful, flowing dresses complemented their smooth Bhangra dance moves.

I thought the look of the woman on the left was interesting.  She paired her strapless dress with tights and a woven hat.  It was a funky look that worked well on her.

This is a backside picture of a beautiful sweater jacket.  The woman wore it over a black knit shirt with slim black trousers.  The most interesting part of the outfit was the bottom edge of the sweater which was knit  into falling angles.

This happy man looked impeccable in his suit with matching silk tie and pocket kerchief.

This beautiful woman looked elegant in her off the shoulder knit sweater blouse and trousers.

And then there is me, in my Phillip Lim leopard print silk trench, starburst print dress by Phillip Lim and Jimmy Choo boots. 

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