Fashion Mayhem with Mss Vee: The Secret to Beautiful Lashes

Mss Vee and her beautiful lashes. Photo by Herm Pugay.
Hey Everyone – Mss Vee here!
How many of you have always wanted to wear those long false eyelashes to take your look to the next level, but just seem to never be able to get them on? Trust me when I say I have been there before… getting glue all over your eyes, fingers, and even sometimes gluing your eye together. I know, it sucks. But have no fear, Mss Vee is here…
Let me say that eyelashes are one of the last steps to to completing my face. So because of that, I would say do a practice run before you go for it with those suckers. We can’t have you late to that fashion show because you had to start all over because the glue attacked you. For glue, I use Duo in the white color. You can find that at any Walgreens.
Duo eyelash adhesive.
For purchasing eyelashes, there are many stores you can go to depending on how much you want to spend. Sephora, MAC cosmetics counters, professional beauty stores, and Kryolan have an assortment of higher priced lashes to choose from… and then there is a store on Haight Street called Piedmont Boutique. They have great lashes to choose from and the ones that I get are the 301’s – my fave. You can also purchase less expensive lashes at most drug stores.
Piedmont Boutique at 1452 Haight Street, San Francisco.
So after you purchase your lashes, you may find that they don’t fit your eye exactly. Hold them up to your eye, measure out how much you need and clip off the extra.
Now skirt some glue on a tissue. I almost never apply the glue directly to the lash because it can make a mess, especially if you are a newbie to this. Then apply the glue to the rim of the lash. I use the end of a small make up brush or even the top to the glue applicator to apply. Do that to both of the lashes and let them sit there for about a minute to let them get a little tacky. When you become a pro at eyelash application like myself, I will move on to filling in my eyebrows while I’m waiting. Once that’s done the glue is ready.
301 lashes are known for being big, long and spiky.
Putting the lashes on isn’t as difficult as it may seem. I start in the middle of the natural lash line and apply the false lash just slightly above. From there, I move on to setting the inner corner of the lid to the outer edge. You kind of push in and and up to really get those lashes in there.
Then to finish it off, I will line my eye with whatever eyeliner I used before, paying attention to covering the areas where the glue might show. Then I apply some mascara and I’m ready to go!
I hope these tricks will help you out…
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