Ethical Fashion, Ranging from Reconstructed T-Shirts to High-Fashion

What is ethical fashion?  According to Domenica Peterson, Chief Visionary Officer and founder of the Bay Area non-profit, Global Action Through Fashion, “The largest misunderstandings we encounter are that when you say “ethical fashion”, people automatically think of something unattractive, shapeless, hemp-y, hippy, expensive or hard to find.  We want to break these misconceptions and help people understand that ethical fashion can be just regular fashion, and it does not have to be expensive or difficult to find.”

Domenica, along with Grant Ennis, founded Global Action Through Fashion in January of this year with the vision to create a more equitable and sustainable world through the promotion of socially and environmentally responsible fashion.  From browsing through their website, their impact on the industry is obvious.  They organize educational and networking events, creating a platform for collaboration and empowerment within the fashion industry with the tools needed to implement responsible best practices.  They have a useable online resource for learning about ethical fashion, what it means, the stages of a product’s life cycle, relevant links and where to purchase ethical fashion.  Overall, they are providing clear and helpful resources for fashion industry professionals and consumers to make a positive change within the global fashion scene.
They are hosting an event on Thursday, June 24, 2010 at the eco-conscious Temple Nightclub in San Francisco.  People attending will be encouraged to reconstruct, reincarnate and re-cool their t-shirts through a talented fashion team of seamstresses and printers who will be on hand to transform favorite t-shirts into a fabulous new design.
Ethical High-Fashion by Vagadu.
They will also have local designers Vagadu and Platinum Dirt speaking about reconstruction techniques.  Vagadu is the fashion label of artist Joui Turandot.  Vagadu produces elegant evening gowns and ready-to-wear pieces from 90% reclaimed material.  Joui sources most of her fabrics from antique stores, grandmother’s closets and artist’s leftovers.  Vagadu proves that sustainable practices can be achieved with high-fashion collections.  Designer Dustin Page of Platinum Dirt will be speaking on his experience in producing one-of-a-kind handmade jackets out of reclaimed vintage leather from old luxury vehicles.  The essence of Platinum Dirt can be summed up into one phrase: Mean and Green.  The hood ornament zipper pull, VIN detailing, tailored leather and patterned interior lining add to the jacket’s distinct attitude.
Dustin Page of Platinum Dirt in a VIN Jacket.
Domenica Peterson will also be at the event speaking to people about Global Action Through Fashion and answering any questions people may have.  People will also have the opportunity to network and meet designers producers, industry professionals and academics working in the ethical fashion arena.   Djs will be spinning throughout the night, so in addition to mingling, people will be encouraged to dance and enjoy themselves.

Domenica stated “We hope people will walk away with several things: an awesome t-shirt or other item they will wear, an introduction to some amazing designers and projects going on within the Bay Area, a mentality of recycling clothing, an understanding of what ethical fashion means and a feeling of empowerment that one’s clothing and fashion choices can positively impact the world.”
Reconstruct, Reincarnate and Re-Cool your T-Shirt with Global Action Through Fashion is taking place Thursday, June 24th, 2010 at Temple Nightclub, 540 Howard Street in San Francisco from 6:00 PM to 2:00 AM.  There is an age requirement of 21 and up.  $10 suggestion donation at the door and don’t forget to bring a t-shirt to have redesigned!
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