EFFEN Fabulous Design

 “Those who are deliberate about the details they choose, from their clothes and clubs to their cocktails and company, choose a vodka with similarities.  EFFEN Vodka wasn’t just distilled for them – it was designed for them.” – EFFEN Vodka

With special tastes in mind, EFFEN Vodka created a series of events in 2011 in major metropolitan cities throughout the U.S. to explore the concept of design in both beverage mixology and art.  Aptly named The Art of Design, the event brought together local mixologists, artists and people who appreciate both.  In each city, premier local mixologist designed their ultimate EFFEN Vodka martini with the guests voting for their favorites.  EFFEN also selected one local artist and one local fashion designer to make creations inspired by their cucumber flavored vodka. The artists were to bring paintings that were 95% done and then finish them at the event.  Fashion designers came with a custom designed gown inspired by the cucumber flavored EFFEN Vodka.

Gail Ballesteros-Shrive EFFEN inspired design.

Fashion designer Gail Ballesteros-Shrive of GB Shrive Designs was selected to represent San Francisco at their September 8, 2011 event at Terra Gallery with an inspired design budgeted at $1,000.  Her original design sketch was a fitted boned corset with front lace fastening details and a very full scallop layered gown representing sliced cucumber.  The gown was toned down when made, per EFFEN request, so the skirt wouldn’t look so full.

Model Shai White in the EFFEN Vodka fashion design.  Photo by Damien Miller.

The final design Gail Ballesteros-Shrive showcased at the event was a sleek gown made out of raw shantung silk in olive green, representing the cucumber color and the new EFFEN bottle.  Each individual scallop on the dress is layered with a mint green colored lace fabric, hand painted with silver streak detailing, over a silk green lining, giving it texture and dimension.  The corset is finished with piping around the edge and hem, boning for a flattering structure, and eyelets and lace for front fastening.  Ballesteros-Shrive used the remnants of all the fabrics to create a sparkly flower for a final touch.

Model Shai White looking fabulous in the Gail Ballesteros-Shrive EFFEN gown.
(L-R) Gail Ballesteros-Shrive, model Shai White, Michele Gates.  Photo by Damien Miller.

The dress Gail Ballesteros-Shrive designed was a beautiful complement to the evening: sleek, elegant and flavorful.  While the cocktails poured by the mixologists were judged on merit of originality, creativity and how it tastes, the dress design of the evening earned its merit on originality, creativity and most importantly, how it looks.

The collaboration of EFFEN with designers at these events was a natural extension of their branding, as they are known for their thoughtful design from product to packaging.  Their vodka was perfected by bartenders with a bottle designed for functionality with bartenders in mind.  It would make sense that EFFEN Vodka, who appreciates good design, would promote the local design talent within each city.  And in selecting designer Gail Ballesteros-Shrive to represent San Francisco, they have an eye for design and a good sense of taste.    

Here are additional images of EFFEN “The Art of Design” events in other cities:

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