Eel & Ermine’s One Hour Dress

Local San Francisco designers Evelyne Aikman and Elinor JD Diamond, of the the clothing line Eel & Ermine, opened up their first boutique on April 29, 2010 at 514 Presidio Avenue.  We heard about their “One Hour Dress” from their Spring and Summer 2010 collections and were curious as to what it is all about.

Evelyne and Elinor designed the One Hour Dress as a substitute to the couture tracksuit that often times people will put on when going out.  Instead of appearing casual chic, the tracksuit can come across as unflattering and lazy.  Their strategy was to create a beautiful garment that is just as easy to put on and wear as that tracksuit has become.  As a result, their version of a comfortable frock with special style detailing was conceived.
At the store, there is a beautiful display devoted to the One Hour dress.  The dress comes in different options of prints, colors and fabrics.  In addition, there is a selection of belt options to be paired with the dresses.  All the dresses are priced at $100, with the additional cost option to add on a belt or pocket detailing.

We tried on a dress and immediately experienced their design intention.  The dress is easy to put on, comfortable and flattering to the wearer.  It looked great with and without the belt option.  The dress can also be paired with jeans or tights for when the weather gets chilly.  Their design enhancements to the simple frock include a flattering mandarin boat neck collar, well-formed cap sleeves and tailored construction darts.  

The design partner Elinor said, “If you’ve got the appetite, you can eat a burrito while wearing the One-Hour without popping a button!  The silhouette of the dress is designed to fit and flatter just about every shape and size.  If you’re looking for a little extra flair, there are different pocket and belt options that we’ll sew on for you right in the store.”

Overall, the goal of their collection is to create accessible clothes, not only aesthetically, but in pricing too.  This is evident in their affordable One Hour Dress.  We recommend this fun, stylish, comfortable dress as a staple to every woman’s wardrobe collection.  Put aside that tracksuit and style it up with the One Hour Dress.
Additional information on Eel & Ermine can be found on their website,
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