Doughey’s Fashionable Classic Cookies

Doughey’s “Cookies for the ballerina.”
Fashion and food is a perfect mix. When done well, both have a visual presentation that’s attractive to the eye, they can be seen as a lifestyle guilty pleasure and they can change entirely depending on a simple adjustment of ingredient or pattern. Doughey’s Classically Classy Cookies launched this past year in San Francisco and has already earned the label of being a fashionable cookie. Partly because the cookies were created with inspiration from clothing company Levi Strauss & Co. and partly due to the fashionable advertising campaign created by photographer Ryan Chua.

According to founder Brandon Leong, “Doughey’s was founded in March 2010, but the recipe is 33 years old! My mom has been baking these delicious cookies and bringing them to her office at Levi’s for over 30 years! After her retirement, it didn’t take long for those same people to start having cookie withdrawals, as when my mom left, so did the cookies. Suddenly people started to put in special requests and pay for her cookies. We tested this out at a Levi’s Plaza event and we sold out of 80 dozen cookies in less than an hour. Doughey’s Classically Classy Cookies was born.”
“Cookies for the book worm!”
Brandon’s mother went to the Culinary Academy in San Francisco but decided to pursue a career in fashion at Levi’s Strauss & Co. With a passion for baking, she found herself in the kitchen as a hobby creating and perfecting recipes for family and friends. Her baking gained such popularity, that at special events, people anticipated she would bake her signature recipe cookies. She’s been baking for friends for the past 30 years and has recently passed on the recipe to her son Brandon to continue the family tradition of baking delectable cookies.

Brandon partnered with photographer Ryan Chua to develop an advertising campaign for Doughey’s upon its launch. Ryan Chua said, “Basically instead of shooting the cookies by itself, why not use models and make it “fashionable” by having fashionable models eating cookies? We have different themes for the cookies, “Cookies for the Book Work,” “Cookies for the Musician,” etc, etc. That’s when the “Cookies for the ……,” campaign was born. We recently expanded the Cookies for the ……” campaign by adding on real life people.”
“Cookies for the musician.”
Doughey’s has ten varieties of cookies and bars available for purchase including their Chipless Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Lemon Squares and signature Chocolate Chip. They have a Premium signature Chocolate Chip Cookie at CocoaBella Chocolates on Union Street in San Francisco and another exclusive cookie at The San francisco Chocolate Boutique that features the chocolate chips from the stores. They also cater events and offer delivery within San Francisco with purchase over $20.

At a recent launch of the Doughey’s Premium Signature Chocolate Chip Cookie at CocoaBella Chocolates on Union Street, several fashionable real-life people shared what they were wearing and what they enjoy about Doughey’s cookies.
Doughey’s customer Stacey Lee.
Stacey Lee is wearing blue jeans, Michael Kors silver flats, a cream Diane Von Furstenburg tank top with a short sleeve Splendid blue sweater over it. The Luis Vuitton purse finishes the outfit.
Stacey’s comment on Doughey’s: “You won’t be able to just stop at one cookie, so be sure to pick up a dozen to keep you going. I couldn’t put them down and ended up devouring four in store.”
Doughey’s customer Kinsey Yee.
Kinsey Yee is wearing a black and white maxi dress from Anthropologie, a black short sleeve Mossimo sweater, purple Sam Edelman gladiator sandals and grey cat eye glasses from SEE.
Kinsey’s comment on Doughey’s: “Doughey’s are a delicious and comforting treat. I love them because they have that great home made feeling but taken to the next level with quality chocolate chips and ingredients.”
Doughey’s customer Natalia Dominguez.
Natalia Dominguez is wearing ruffled denim romper by Charly, her shoes are classic silver TOMS and she topped it all off with a red orange lipstick by Nars.
Natalia’s comment on Doughey’s: “Well, I can start off my admitting that I’m not a big fan of cookies in general, especially not just ANY chocolate chip cookie. But, I have to say I honestly love Doughey’s cookies. The rich buttery texture truly makes the cookie. The chewy center and light crispy outside makes my mouth water. I love Doughey’s chocolate chip cookies.
Doughey’s customers Michele Gates and Liam O’Leary.
Liam O’Leary is wearing an “Asian Flavor Soy-Sauce” print top by New Skool and Levi’s jeans.

Liam couldn’t get out the words of what he thought about the cookies, but he’s smiling from ear to ear because he’s eating a Doughey’s cookie.
Doughey’s Classically Classy Cookies founder Brandon Leong.
Brandon Leong commented “We want to make these cookies trendy, yet accessible to anyone and everyone. Ryan’s idea of Cookies for the…” was just an absolute SLAM DUNK! It opened up so many possibilities and directions we could go with the campaign. Our campaign can be easily recognized by the Doughey’s blue background and the cheeky fun pictures. Our current set of pictures features professional ballet dancer Ashley Muangmaithong, Live105 radio personality White Menace and social media guru Krystl Baldwin. Who’d ever think that a high fashion photographer and a cookie company would mesh so well?”

Additional information on Doughey’s Classical Classy Cookies can be found at their website All photography in the article is by Ryan Chua.
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