Check Out Style/Clash at Fashion Alley Today

Photo by Loren Earle-Cruickshanks.
Designs by Gelarah Designs and Caley Johnson.

Today, the How Weird Street Festival in San Francisco is presenting the innovative and stylish, Fashion Alley.  Fashion Alley is the first official event for the Style/Clash fashion documentary series, which has been in development for broadcast.  The Style/Clash is a daring, provocative and edgy lifestyle documentary series with an urbane sensibility, presenting a fashion-forward lifestyle.  
Attendees of Fashion Alley will participate in the interactive fashion tour and be able to:
-watch live fashion shows throughout the day featuring collections from local designers.
-watch the Fashion Alley video stream on mobile Facebook, which provides an overview of the event, designers, photographers, models and performers.
-sign up into the UStream Social Stream, which works directly with Facebook, MySpace, AIM and Twitter.  This allows participants to literally become a part of the live show throughout the day.
-watch a live broadcast of the behind-the-scenes action, and live streaming Model Moments, the behind the scenes lifecasting video and Twitter-stream of the models.
-sign into the Extraordinaries micro-activist mobile app and take personalized unique actions by taking pictures with their mobile device and voting for their favorite fashion statement and saubmitting ideas on how fashion can affect Eco and sustainable change and action.
-share their comments and experiences about the designers and entire experience in real-time.
The Fashion Alley hosts will also be selecting guests to interview, using the Tweeps Around app in a live video broadcast via UStream.  This will give people the opportunity to make a timely fashionable statement.

Some of the local designers involved include Caley Johnson, Miranda Caroligne, Debbie Nghiem and Kayo Mitsuyama.

This takes place today, May 9, 2010, from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM at Natoma Street and Second Street in San Francisco at the How Weird Street Faire.  Attend and make your fashion statement!

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