Black V: A Dark Fashion Event Celebrating a Bright Future of Fashion

Fashion non-profit Halo Republic is launching with a kick-off fashion show Black V on Saturday, May 29, 2010 at the Press Club, 20 Yerba Buena Lane in San Francisco.  Black V is the premier fashion event for fine style connoisseurs looking to toast an evening of beautiful fashion.  The fashion show starts at 8:00 PM and will be featuring the collections of Alexandria Von BromssenBacca Da Silva, Dcepcion,  Tamo Design and Terrance Yu.  In addition, the outfits will be accessorized by jewelry designers Kaatje and Mike Sg.  

Halo Republic is a fashion production non-profit started by Creative Director Owen Buenaventura and Marketing Director Del Geronimo.  Their organization is supporting the local San Francisco Bay Area fashion industry by hosting fashion productions and by providing resources.  According to Del, “Our team would like to be useful to our peers, meaning we want to challenge everyone to engage within our productions, photography sessions, styling workshops and so on.  We want the industry to know, as well, that we are taking the local SF fashion scene into the next generation to come by showcasing talent and encouraging development.”
Clothing by Tamo Designs.  Photos by Del Geronimo.
Halo Republic’s mission will be evident in their Black V fashion show.  A team of talented designers, models, hairstylists, makeup artists, photographers and event organizers have pulled their talents together for this unique fashion event.  According to Owen Buenaventura, “Black V stands for dark and voluptuous – Valentine, Vamp, Vendetta and Victory.  The concept of this exciting event is to create a relaxed environment that is edgy, vampy, sexy, cultish and mysterious.  The style code will be fashionably black.” 

Creative makeup artists and trend setting hair stylists will transform the stunning runway models to complement the Black V designer looks.  Black V also will be featuring SF-based indie rock band The Family Crest, infusing live orchestral sound to the DJ’s music.

Black V is the precursory fashion event to the Stellar | San Francisco Fashion Awards in July.  This is the non-profit’s annual event that recognizes outstanding and creative fashion industry talents within the SF Bay Area. 
Designs by Alexandria Von Bromssesn.  Photos by Del Geronimo.
Each designer promises to bring to the runway a fashion show of dark glamour, seen through their use of construction and depth of material.  Here are details on each apparel designer who will be showcasing their works:

Alexandria Von Bromssen has a Master of Fine Arts degree from the San Francisco Academy of Art University.  Inspired my music, emotion, art and the most innovative and brilliant designers of Europe and Asia, the Swedish American designer is also imbued with a European sense of quality and craftsmanship.
Clothing by Dcepcion and Bacca Da Silva.  Photos by Del Geronimo.
Bacca Da Silva is an up-and-coming designer who has gained international recognition since the launch of his fashion label in 2004 in San Francisco.  Based on his principle of global luxury, Bacca focuses on incorporating international style and elements of luxury into everyday life.  When asked about his collection, Bacca said “When I started designing this collection, I happened to glance at an album cover from the 80’s band Massive Attack.  I thought that was both so intriguing and beautiful.  That initial thought culminated in a collection which combines dresses and tops made of the finest fabrics infused with intricate and dramatic embroidery patterns and details, with expressions of darker colors such as asphalt, gray, black and purple.  I continue to stress intricate details and an urban vibe, together with traditional influences.”

Dcepcion was started in the San Francisco Bay Area by local designer twins Daniel and David Concepcion.  They pursued a creative interest in painting, illustration, photography and web design and launched their own clothing label in 2007 after attending the San Francisco State Fashion Design and Merchandising program.  For this event, people can expect a lot of separates. They played with texture, layering and dimension, working with both knits and wovens, sheers and solids.  The pieces designed for the Black V event represent and edgier and darker side of their aesthetic, incorporating avant-garde details while maintaining their signature casual and tailored look.

Tamo Hulva founded Tamo Design, based out of San Francisco.  All the garments she produces are locally made from sustainable, environmental-friendly materials.  Known for her innovative use of faux-fur, she has recently started constructing garments out of other materials, such as beautiful evening wear out of a silk/hemp blend fabrics.
Clothing by Tamo Designs, Bacca Da Silva and Terrance Yu.  Photos by Del Geronimo.
Terrance Yu is a self-taught designer who believes in creating pieces that are simplistic and worn to show confidence and personal style.  His design inspiration for his collection comes from well-tailored suits that are timeless in style.   When asked about his collection and the intent for the Black V fashion show, Terrance said “I’m focusing on the understated and timeless.  The clothes are about you, bringing out your personality with my designs.”  Expect classic, innovative construction and clean lines from his collection.

Sponsors of the event include Press Club, San Francisco Institute of Esthetics & Cosmetology – Paul Mitchell Partner School, Kevin Hollingshead and San Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliance, Inc.  Halo Republic is giving special acknowledgements to Nikki Lindgren and Malin Kansal of FIDM Alumni Association, Pigment Cosmetics, Cherry On Top Presents, Anne Adorio, Emily Sims, Joli de Jacki, and Sara Dashty.  The event is being produced under the direction of Owen Buenaventura, Del Geronimo, Ivan Yartsev and Virginie Suos.

The Black V fashion show is taking place at the Press Club, 20 Yerba Buena Lane in San Francisco.  Doors open at 6:30 PM and the fashion show starts at 8:00 PM.  Cost of admission is based on a sliding scale donation.  Black attire is recommended.  Come and enjoy an evening that will bring out the dark side of fashion and design and celebrate a bright future for Halo Republic. 
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