Babies with style: a photo shoot session with Rachna Paul

Rachna Paul of Rachna Photography is not only an expert lifestyle photographer, but she is knowledgeable on where to shop for stylish children’s apparel.  She recently had a photo shoot with four two-year old toddlers and had recommended to the clients places for wardrobing their kids.  As a result, the boys were all decked out in white poplin shirts, denim jeans and varying ties from Northern California company “The Belle And The Beau.”  Although the boys were mostly dressed all the same in white button down shirts and jeans, the ties became the fashionable hallmark of their unique differences.  

The ties were designed by Amy Callaway who makes accessory items for babies and kids.  She was inspired to make neckties/bow ties when she had her son 2 1/2 years ago.  She said, “It was difficult to find stylish and unqiue things for him, and that is where it started.  I have also been making accessories for my girls, as I couldn’t leave them out.”

She designs her own patterns and uses many designer cotton fabrics for the accessory items.  She currently ships all over the world, with customers in Turkey, Australia, Signapore, UK, Mexico and many other places.

As we enter the Back-To-School season, The Belle And The Beau accessories are the perfect items for a kids wardrobe and accenting their unique style.

Additional information on The Belle And The Beau can be found on the Etsy website: and Rachna Photography at
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