An Unforgettable Moment For Designer Bacca Da Silva

Natalie Cole and Bacca Da Silva.
San Francisco fashion designer Bacca Da Silva had an unforgettable moment as Natalie Cole made a special point to visit his store at 590 Sutter Street and see his collection this past weekend.  Shopping in Bacca’s store and trying on his luxurious garments is like a little bit of heaven for any serious shopper.  After looking through the clothing racks, she selected a custom tailored wool coat and pair of pants.  The classic trench coat she purchased is made from a durable water resistant wool blend, sourced from Brazil.  
Natalie Cole in her Bacca Da Silva outfit.
It’s fully lined in off-white satin and features a unique playful embroidered pattern in black of children frolicking in a pastoral setting.  The panels of the coat were re-engineered to accomodate the precise placement of the woven embroidery at the bottom and sleeves.  The design is inspired by 18th century artwork.  The pants are stretch wool with sequin and pocket embroidery.  There were two of the pants and they sold out, however can be custom ordered ($680).  There are a couple wool coats left in sizes S and M ($965).  Natalie Cole’s classy purchase at Bacca Da Silva’s store is a reminder of what makes her an everlasting woman of style.

Bacca Da Silva’s store is located at 590 Sutter Street, San Francisco (415-913-7322).  Call in advance for store hours.
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