A Walking Exhibition of Fashion

YouLiveAndYouLearn.Org is hosting an exciting fashion show event, featuring five of their emerging star designers.  The event “The Walking Exhibition”, is happening in San Francisco on Saturday May 1, 2010 at Solarium, 55 Second Street.  The designers that will be showcased are Driven by Daniel Sudar, Ai & Ai by Aileen Quiambao, Antinea by Lauryn Varnum, Katorey Swim by Katie Sruve and Aji by Amanda Christine.  All of these designers have received support and aid by YouLiveAndYouLearn.Org.

Designs by Aileen Quiambao
Founded by Lisa Li, the non-profit YouLiveAndYouLearn.Org is an organization that helps struggling fashion designers, who normally don’t have the opportunity to exercise their skills.  YouLiveAndYouLearn.Org primarily produces shows with brand new fashion designers, allowing them the chance to learn how to create a production that will showcase their talent.  The funds raised at these events go towards creating programs for those individuals interested in design and fashion architecture.  They provide people (high school students, college grads, & licensed designers) opportunities to gain experience and skills, which can qualify them for certification exams.  This is an educational initiative that is touching lives and helping many dreams come true.
If attending an event for five talented designers and watching their dreams come true wasn’t enough, there is one more thing.  There will be an on site bone marrow drive at the event, to help and hopefully find a donor for Janet Liang, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and is in critical need of a donor or she may die.

Tickets range from $40 to $115.  To buy tickets and for more information, go online at http://thewalkingexhibition.eventbrite.com.
Altogether this event will be amazing.  In addition to the fashion show, there will be live entertainment, music, and dancing.  Most importantly, it will help promote and educate new designers, as well as possibly saving Janet Liang’s life.  

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