A SF Design House Producing Watches With Classic Style

TOKYOBay’s Swap Watch.
TOKYObay, a San Francisco retro fashion accessories house, has launched the perfect watch for every women’s styling needs!  The Swap Watch allows the wearer to choose the style mood by easily mixing and matching a classic analogue watch face with a range of brightly colored nylon straps.  TOKYObay brings versatility to the wrist by mixing function and fashion.  

The simple black watch face with white numbers is the perfect backdrop for a choice of four different eye popping colored watch straps ranging from aquamarine blue to tangerine orange.  Black is also included for a more toned down feel.  The face easily slides off the nylon band to change it up at any time.  Each color (orange, green, pink, blue) brightens up any look in need of a lift.  The urge to splurge on different watch styles to compliment an outfit is no longer a problem as the interchangeable straps give the wearer five options in one.  This allows the wearer to integrate a watch into their seasonal wardrobes as key accessories, worn layered with other bracelets or as a standalone must have piece.  The injection of color on a sometimes subdued accessory brings the watch back onto center stage as an integral fashion staple.
Founder of TOKYOBay, Dory Isaacs.
TOKYOBay was started by designer Dory Isaacs and her partner Jun Kobayashi in 1991 with two styles of watches and a small collection of sunglasses for men and women.  Dory recognized there was a market for a more fashion related, well designed range of watches at an affordable price range.  With her team, based out of a spacious warehouse office in SOMA, she has managed to expand the Tokyo Bay brand onto the shelves of both high end independent boutiques and reputable department stores across the US and Canada.  The watch line has caught the eye of the likes of Fred Siegel, Neiman Marcus, Anthropologie and a handful of MOMA and museum gift stores.  The sleek retro designs are the result of a fusion of backgrounds and over 30 years experience in the art and fashion world.
With Jun’s aesthetic and Dory’s British upbringing, the contemporary designs boast a look that is timeless yet inclusive of the every changing fashion market.  Born in Africa, Dory partially credits her diverse style with her unusual upbringing and love of travel.  She and her family returned to their native England when she was just 18 months old.  While studying art and fashion design in her early 20’s at the Art & Design College of West Sussex, England, Dory gained a passion for the construction and creation of jewelry and clothing.  Dory was motivated into the area of design by innovators of her time including Raymond “Ossie” Clark, Zandra Rhodes, Vivienne Westwood and Barbara Hulanicki (founder of Biba).

TOKYOBay’s Gaucho Watch.

As her interest in fashion and design grew, she gained experience on the sales and merchandising side of things, working in a variety of English fashion boutiques.  Her talent for putting together interesting and elaborate displays ignited her interest in combining the old and new.  
Dory and her then future husband, Mathieu, decided on the move to Toronto where Dory began designing a line of resin broaches and pins.  Her workshop was based out of the basement of their four bedroom house and she successfully sold them into a variety of fashion stores locally and further a field.  Her interest in the gift and interiors market grew and Dory decided to expand the business by adding a collection of ceramics and pottery.  The whole line was designed, made and distributed by her for almost 10 years and during this time she met Jun Kobayashi, who would later help to build Tokyo Bay Inc.

TOKYOBay’s Classic Bloke.

After several years in Toronto, Dory and Mathieu and their two daughters accomplished a long time goal and moved to San Francisco in 1990.  Soon thereafter, TOKYOBay was born.  The TOKYOBay brand has since increased to include other accessories including purses and bags.  The watches are designed in San Francisco and are manufactured in China with top of the line Japanese quartz movements with European leathers.
The inspiration behind the watch collection is to create a true fashion accessory to one’s wardrobe, not only just a functional item.  The quality pieces are designed with lots of colors, retro inspirations and seasonal details that are relevant to a broad age group.  TOKYOBay customers generally own several styles in a variety of colors that they can coordinate with different looks.   As a result of this success, the company has launched the Swap Watch which allows people to easily mix and match color choices.

TOKYOBay’s Foil Watch.

According to Dory, “The main trends we are hitting on for Fall are menswear for womenswear which includes our Savile Row Collection, Foil (a menswear looking watch for women, boyfriend style), and Classic Bloke (a unisex watch).  Another trend is the multi strand/stacking look where watches are to be worn both as a functional item, but also as a jewelry item with other bracelets.  Color is something we are known for, so our line carries vintage inspired styles that are updated with modern color palettes.”
Some of their celebrity customers include Lindsay Lohan, Sarah Michelle Geller, Jennifer Aniston, Pink, Halle Berry, Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, Robin Williams and Kiefer Sutherland.

Watch and bag from the Savile Row Collection.

Whether the TOKYOBay watch is used as a functional or purely fashion item, the wearer can be rest assured that they are wearing a high-quality, well-designed timepiece.  Dory Isaacs’ background in fashion and appreciation for the arts are seen in each collection as she brings her passion for design to life in the TOKYOBay product line.
Additional information on TOKYOBay and where the collection is sold, can be found at www.tokyobayinc.com.
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