A cut above the rest: The Jehrcut

Jehr Schiavo.  Photo by Ed Jay.
Basic definition of a haircut is the “act or instance of cutting the hair.”  A Jehrcut is not that simple and it is at the same time.  It’s an experience of having the hair cut and knowing it is appropriate for the hair quality and shape according to the individual’s profile.  But summarizing a Jehrcut in one sentence is not sufficient.  It doesn’t define the entire experience of having a Jehrcut.  

The Jehrcut.  Jehr Schiavo is a hair artist.  He cuts hair based on the texture and quality of the hair and the facial contours of the person.  Instead of the typical salon where you ask for a specific look or cut, at Jehr Schiavo’s salon, you let him work his magic (expertise) to transform you to the haircut that best complements you as intended by the individual genetic, molecular origins of your hair and bone structure.  Jehr doesn’t use hair products to change the hair texture before he cuts nor use tools to shape and mold the hair.  Jehr uses just water and scissors to bring out the best look for the individual.  He doesn’t let you look at a mirror as he cuts your hair.  Total trust is in Jehr’s expert hands at this point.  Let him cut away and experience what it feels like to have your hair cut and sculpted by someone who has careful thought with each strand cut and placement.  The experience with Jehr will bring you back to what makes your hair quality and natural color so special and unique.  

We checked in with Jehr on his background and what makes his Jehrcut so special and unique.  
Jehr Schiavo.  Photo by Ed Jay.
Michele:  What lead you into your career in becoming a hair stylist? 
Jehr:  A conversation occurred during the summer of 1974 between myself and a fellow stoner, not unlike Sean Penn’s character Jeff Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  Both of us teens then, agreeing clown school far less enticing than careers geared towards “chicks and cash” reaping rewards.  Graduating sixteen hundred grueling cosmetology school hours, thereby meeting California’s prerequisite for its one day long archaic state board exam.

Michele:  At what point did you develop your own personal style in haircutting?
Jehr:  Aging is so finite.  The process seems to creep up without warning.  Suddenly before I realized it, a signature had evolved.  Yet every single experience leading up towards today continues honing and exclusively, until death, will this poetic existence cease; freedom is truly the American way, why be un-American if your birthright aspires a head start into entrepreneurism.
Jehr Schiavo.  Photo by Ed Jay.
Michele:  That brings me the the next question.  What is a Jehrcut?
Jehr:  If ever one shared the hour with me performing service, she or he, lacking any hesitation could answer such an inquiry a bit more arbitrarily.  There were unfortunate certain occasions in younger years when I’d almost gone out-of-bounds boasting merits of particular work past, this indeed leant well to insecurity, for now shall all I’ve created please do speak on my behalf, Google opens this possibility.

Michele:  What makes your haircut experience unique? 
Jehr:  Staring in absolute awe inside St. Peters Basilica at La Pieta, I myself am completely dumbfounded at what innate knowing Michelangelo had been graced by first glancing into this marble block; I couldn’t sketch or paint to save my life, but subtracting from mass is within me.  Though my tools are not hammer and chisel, sculpting delicately stands to reason what an influence five inches of high carbon Japanese steel can really do.
Jehr Schiavo.  Photo by Ed Jay.
Michele:  Hair quality is different from person to person.  Are there any challenges to different hair types? 
Jehr:  Dominique Crenn, San Francisco’s reigning master chef undoubtedly wouldn’t be put off by a truffle in early fall or spring’s lamb nor that summer succulent peach, neither her grasping the special winter fingering potato.  These are ingredients.  They’ve gained Chef Crenn an elusive Michelin Star.  Each person sitting, fully trusting my ability is an ingredient for what promises being delicious, wearing and notably fitting by appearance.

Michele:  Most people rely on harsh chemicals and heating tools to get their hair to acheive a desired look.  What are you thoughts on this? 
Jehr:  Most people, that’s the two key words, not faulting so much chemicals or heat.  Humans are funny that way.  They’ll inevitably desire what everybody else wants, going to the ends of earth to uncover it.  It doesn’t matter discovering upon getting there it wasn’t right for them.  That which remains pertinent is the majority.  Handstitched in Paris is a departure from vastly machine produced elsewhere pennies per hour.  Blowouts and chemical treatments are off the rack and quite similar to the California State Board of Cosmetology, an antiquated licensing format, breeding automated hairstylists.
Jehr Schiavo.  Photo by Ed Jay.
Michele:  Going back to the Jerhcut, I found it interesting that you bring women back to the origin and intent of their hair.  What has the greatest impact been for your long-term clients? 
Jehr:  An example of a lost and long forgotten necessary, perhaps singular most important, portion in daily regimen is brushing.  Simple, isn’t it?  Grandmothers across this globe professed what superb benefits the brush provided, stroking her tresses one hundred times nightly.  Yet who makes this effort merely two minutes before sleep each evening.  The sad point of affairs is that life has become just too frantic.  Flopping into bed by days end is status quo.  Who knows better than grandma?  Was it her warm bosom embracing, that aroma even blindfolded knew where you were engulfed, filled by wisdom and infinite love, to grandma’s house we’ll go.

Michele:  How does your business operate? Do you have clients in other cities, so you have to schedule around this?
Jehr:  My business functions rather the same as a Swiss watch, not my forte, this happens because I’ve in this lifetime been wonderfully blessed, coincidently yesterday celebrated along with Jeanette our seventh wedding anniversary. I have the luxury playing gigs, city or town by what maybe he Keith Richards has, these details, where Keith’s accomodations are made to how his forest of guitars reaches another stage I’m sure doesn’t interest him in the least, plugging amped ready to play a constant, my loving wife’s perfected indulgence.
Jehr Schiavo.  Photo by Ed Jay.
Michele:  Who is the perfect candidate for a Jehrcut? 
Jehr:  That lucky individual who Jeanette confirms appointment.

Michele:  Are you training other stylists? What are your career goals?
Jehr:  No journalist, be it write, actually gets “under the hood” so to speak as you, curious Michele; you’ve inspected thoroughly and presently struck a tender chord.  Last century, halfway through in the 1950’s a lad outta his native UK broke out of that barn with his visionary idea, this new concept revolutionized how women cared for their hair; he essentially unchained their lives by frequenting every week that local beauty parlor, whereby gossiped, fussed, primping after cooking her curlers under bonnet hair dryers, nay said Vidal Sassoon, here may I present unto you a blow dryer.  Pity no one has questioned this method, after all it’s only been going on six decades.  Yes, I do have future plans although opening salons isn’t part or partially included.  Retraining the “most people” into believing another directive, no amount of heat, chemicals or otherwise will buy what they already have, authentic beauty itching and dying to become known and in some cases also heard, give everybody some voice.  Strange transformations peak when women instantly have thirty extra daily minutes from halting slavery over forcing hair where it refuses behaving.

Michele:  Well spoken of.  And what keeps you motivated in your line of work? 
Jehr:  The ability to veer away, comfortably placing conscious decisions into unchartered territory, seeking answers on terms I can swallow.  An artist disguised by hairstyling perameters, a commond career line, bloody bore stiffles the soul.  Resonation and harmony neither appreciated unless totally engaged listening, mine is a gift, hearing what hair says while enjoying conversation of genuine importance from each gameful patron.

A Jehrcut is an individual work of art for each woman.  Recommended for those those who need a new experience and a new experience with their cut.
Jehr, daughter LouLou and wife Jeanette.
Additional information on Jehr Schiavo and the Jehrcut can be found at www.jehrschiavo.com.  Appointments with Jehr Schiavo can be made at 877-SCHIAVO or at jehrschiavo@yahoo.com.

All photography provided by Ed Jay of Ed Jay Photography.
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